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August 29, 2008
Mile High…

Whenever I see footage of John Kennedy or his brother Bobby, or Martin Luther King speaking those beautiful words as only they could, my first thoughts are what a horrible, violent, and cruel world we live in. But it is the world that they lived in too and they did something about it. In a strange way I also find myself feeling a little envious of those older than me. For they had the good fortune to live in a world where those men’s words resonated across the airwaves on television and radio. And for a brief moment there was hope. And this cruel, violent world was going to be a better place. Last night was that moment for me.
He will have his nay-sayers, and his critics, and his nonbelievers hell-bent on keeping things as they are because it serves them well. Remember that pundits on tv are paid to talk even there is nothing to say. But even “cranky” old Pat Buchanan declared it the “best convention speech ever”… high praise indeed. We, as a people will be tested in November. And whether you are republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, or whatever else, vote with your conscience and not along party lines. It’s too late for that. There are too many people suffering through foreclosures. There are too many people without healthcare. There are too many people living in poverty. There are too many uneducated children. There are too many soldiers in harm’s way…for a war that was started on a lie. We should be outraged that in this century and in this country these things are happening! Somebody said to me that my support for Obama was “foolish”. That may very well be. But I will not sit by idly and let this country continue on its path lined with greed and deception. Enough! May we all be as “foolish” as I am.


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