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March 18, 2008

Is there a gas shortage? Has anybody heard this from (a) politicians or (b) the media?
Why are gas prices going up? They are supposed to be going down, after all our “IDIOT IN CHIEF” has declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq. I thought one of the reasons we went to Iraq was to “secure” the oil.
Why did I get a tax break a couple of years ago when I bought my Hummer (I have since sold it so hold your hate mail)? Why don’t we get tax breaks for buying hybrids?
Why is the fed lowering the special rate at which banks loan each other money? Something that hasn’t happened since, oh let me see… the “Great Depression”?
Why have we not declared a war on poverty? or hunger? We lost 63,000 jobs last month. In this 21st century, in THIS country, almost 1/3 of the population is at or near the poverty level.
Why do we still have an embargo with Cuba, yet almost everything we use in our homes is made in China?
Why do we spend billions on the “War on Drugs” yet there are more people using drugs than ever before in the history of this country (and yes this includes the 60’s)? The benefits of legalizing marijuana are far more effective than this “War on Drugs”.
Why can anyone of us be in a foreign country and receive immediate medical attention?
Why are our ports “secured” by foreign companies?
Why do we even pay taxes? Do you know that there is no law in the books that requires us to pay taxes. For that matter what the hell is the fed and why do they wield such power?
Lastly, why is our beloved “free” corporate-owned media continuing to talk about Obama’s “preacher” and his “fiery” rhetoric? I have to tell you I have seen the transcripts and the video, and I, for one, have to say that just about everything that he talks about in there is the truth. Also, when did it become unpatriotic to criticize this country? If you ask me I think we need more “fiery” rhetoric. If this country is not strong enough to withstand a little bit of a reality check then our fate is sealed.


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