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March 17, 2008
Somebody Tell Me…

Alright…so I’m home quite a bit now as I prepare to make this record. And in between writing new songs or making a “demo” of a new song I find myself pondering/reflecting/observing quite a bit. Sometimes the pondering pertains to the upcoming election…sometimes it’s the “Big Bang” theory…sometimes it’s nothing more than the systematic total breakdown of our society. (I know, I know… I need to get on the road). I think one of the major problems with the world at large is communication. Yeah, yeah, I know we have technology now we only dreamed of when we were kids. In many ways that same technology sometimes interferes with what used to be our once much-valued family time. For example, do you ever go to a restaurant and see a family out together and the father has one of those ridiculous “blue-tooth” ear pieces? And yes, it’s almost always the father that has one on. I never see a woman out with her family with one of those. (Maybe they can’t find anything to match…lol…just kidding).( For the sake of this argument and any argument for that matter, women never do anything wrong, so I am going to focus on the men). I always wonder what kind of job they have that they have to answer their cell so quickly and speak for so long that they have attached an extra appendage to their bodies in order to speak to whoever is going to interrupt their meal. Is it not enough to have a cell phone on vibrate and answer it quickly and keep conversation to a minimum in order to enjoy your meal with your family or friends? Also, what did we do before there were cell phones? We didn’t always have them and we seemed to get along just fine.
I am not anti-cell phone or anti-technology but I am against ego-driven narcissism and stupidity. I don’t care what you do for a living , nobody needs to wear one of those stupid things at the dinner table. (My God I sound like a parent!) I just want to see if anybody else agrees with me on this or am I alone in this matter( as I am for most things.) I mean every time I see one of these clowns at a restaurant with their stupid little “ear-piece” I feel like going right up to them, yank that thing right out of their ear and smash it on the table and proclaim to them in a very loud voice “You are not a Borg yet!!” (Star Trek reference for all you “trekies” out there).
Anyways, I’m through bitchin’…Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!



cell phones & i-pods - 2009-08-19
I totaly agree with you Raul. I am female though, but on the same page as you. I actually ripped out a guys earphone on the subway for playing his music so loud and told him to have some respect for others. I also find it rude to use the phone in a restaurant while out with family or friends there is nothing that important that can't wait while with family. I agree also with the fact that yes, we did get along just fine without cell phones. I just saw you 2 nights ago at Hugh's Room ... you're the best!!
by Debbie

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