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March 04, 2008
Health Care?

Here is a true story of something that happened to me last week. I tell you this story because I was so enraged and disgusted at what happened, that I thought I would share it, if for no other reason than to let out my frustrations. Since my kids were born they have been taken care of by a prominent Children’s clinic here in Nashville. We are now going on thirteen years with no problems whatsoever. The doctors and everyone that works there have always treated my kids with loving care. Which makes what happened last week even harder to take. Well, the way I have my bills set up to be paid is that they go to my business manager’s office simply to ensure that they get paid promptly as I am always traveling. So, last week my oldest woke up in the middle of the night with a very painful headache. And I mean painful. I was very close to calling an ambulance but opted to let him fall asleep and take him to his doctor the next day if the headache persisted. Morning came around and off to school we went. Around noon I get a call from the school telling me that my son’s headache is back and he is in obvious pain. Naturally, I rush out of the house to pick him up and drive him to his doctor. Here is where this story gets ugly.
I call the clinic and the conversation goes something like this…
“Hi, this is Raul Malo, my son is experiencing really painful headaches and I need to bring him in…”
(receptionist)”Sir, we have an outstanding bill that needs to be taken care of before we can see him”.
(Me)”All our bills go to my business manager and they pay them, never mind that I was there a month ago with my other son and nobody said anything about this.”
After she told me that the bills had been going to my house I (again) told her that they should be going to my business manager’s office. After all they had been going there for about twelve years now. She still insisted that the bill be paid immediately or they would not see my son. So she proceeds to put the office manager on the phone with me who basically tells me the same thing…”We need to have this bill taken care of before we can see him”…even though I explained to her that the bills were going to the wrong place. Mind you, we are only talking about $400.00!! For four hundred dollars they were not going to see my son who had been going there since he was born! At this point in time I have had it. And I went on to tell this woman that she was exactly what was wrong with this country and with the planet.
I hung up the phone and picked up my son at school. He was feeling a little better and because of this situation with the clinic we went home. There was no way I was taking him there now. Worse case, I would have taken him to the emergency room at Vanderbilt. As soon as we got home I called up the clinic with my credit card, paid the bill and told the office manager to enjoy her $400.00. And that from this point on none of my kids were stepping foot in that clinic again. Now, what gets me throughout all this is that neither of them asked what was wrong with my son. But they sure have all the nice “Christian” sayings throughout the whole office about taking care of the “needy” and the “poor”…blah, blah, blah…Empty words from empty people, that’s what I say…
Here’s the funny thing about all this…earlier in the week I had the same situation with my veterinarian where the bills were going to the wrong place, etc…I had to get my puppy neutered and the other one had to have shots. They told me of my bill. I said it needed to go to my business manager’s. They said “no problem, Mr. Malo, we’ll see you later”. WOW! Wouldn’t it be nice to get that same kind of treatment for your children?
All the best, RM


Christian 2 - 2010-08-12
Raul, I am so sorry that someone that you trusted did you that way. Just because someone post Christian plaques, etc. doesn't mean that they are Christians. It is hard to look past that. I know I have problems with people in my church, but just know that eventhough they did not show you Christian attributes, not all of us are that shallow or phoney. I wouldn't take my dog to that clinic. By the way, I just found you today and I absolutely love to listen to you. How long have you been around singing and I must have been in a well somewhere, to have never heard of you. I would love to hear you sing some Southern Gospel songs someday. You have such a clear, crisp BEAUTIFUL voice. God Bless
by Betty Eberle

"Christian" - 2009-08-26
Sorry to hear about the shabby treatment. I would ask that you please don't "paint a broad stroke" on all Christian's because of the poor attitude of these two employees. Just like with any group of people, there are good and bad apples. Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherns etc are not immune to worldly ideals and money. We struggle daily with how to live life free from selfishness. Here's hoping that you have found a better office to care for your kids.
by Maury

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