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May 13, 2007

I just got back from a fantastic visit to the West Coast. Started the trip with a visit to the record label (New Door/Universal)to say hi and play a couple of songs, and get to know them a little better. Well, they couldn’t have been nicer. They are good folks that care about music, and I felt real enthusiasm from them. Needless to say, I think that having “After Hours” and the “Christmas” cd on (New Door/Universal) is going to be a big help to my career. And I’m looking forward to working these records together with them.
This was on friday afternoon. Friday evening the guys got in and after a nice meal we headed towards Palm Springs for the StageCoach festival in Indio. I did not know that this was the first one of these. It was really well run and organized. The weather cooperated as well. We started our set and after a technical problem that was resolved quickly by our man Ozzy, we got under way and finished to a nice standing ovation from a very enthusiastic crowd. I hope they do it again next year and they invite us back. After the festival, “Sin City” records/ marketing group, threw a great party at a beautiful house in the desert. Shila Morrow, one of the founders of “Sin City” group, invited us and of course, we accepted. It was nice to see old friends and make new ones. We got to hear some great music from a couple of new bands. One was “Dead Rock West” and the other one was “StoneHoney”. They each had a very unique sound. And I must admit it was nice to be entertained for a change. They were both really great and very nice people.
The next day we had a long drive to Paso Robles. Luckily our man Ozzy, had not participated in the “Drinking” Olympics, as I like to call them, and off we went at noon. Pretty mellow sunday night we had. Pizza. Beer. And the “Sopranos”/”Entourage”. The next day we went and checked into the “Paso Robles Inn”, which is a fantastic old hotel with lots of charm and atmosphere. We spent a lovely day in “Paso”. After breakfast we went for a walk. Weaver needed a guitar cable and I needed a haircut. We found a nice little music store with some cool instruments. I wish I could remember their name…Anyways, after Weaver got his cable, the owner’s wife set me up with a hair salon that they knew of personally. See, this was a monday. And apparently, hair salons (or at least in Paso Robles) are closed on mondays. I can’t say that I blame them. The weather alone warranted a day off. Nonetheless, I was off to get my hair cut. I ended up at a very nice place called the Park Avenue Salon. It is family run and I got to meet all of them. The girl that cut my hair, her name, I think, was Jenifer. We got to talking about music and invited her to the show. She cut my hair in exchange for tickets. (I definetely won on that exchange…lol) I never saw her at the show and never got to thank her again. So if somebody from the area ever goes to the Park Avenue Salon, please tell her I said thank you.
After my haircut, I stopped across the street at Yanagi Sushi for some of the most delicious fish I have ever eaten. I didn’t even tell Weaver that I had sushi in the afternoon without him. It would’ve ruined the show as we would have been beside himself…lol.
Now it was time for soundcheck and eventually the show itself. Let me just say that Maria and the “Malomamas” were out in full force that night. Maria and the Templeton Arts Center did a fantastic job of promoting this show. The crowd was so enthusiastic that it made for a really great night. There are plenty of reviews on the website so I won’t get into one. Plus it would be kind of weird to review my own show. However, from an artist’s perspective it was everything you could want…great gear, great hall, and a great crowd. Oh yeah, and a great aftershow party at the Pine Street Saloon (stumbling distance to the hotel), all added up to a wonderful experience in Templeton/ Paso Robles. Thank you all very much!! Also, special thanks to Chad Stephens from “Cat Country” in San Luis Obispo for bringing us on and for promoting our show with his “on-air” partner Andy. By the way, Chad, nice job on “If I Can Dream” at the Pine Street Saloon!!
Next we were off to see our old friends at the “Crystal Palace” in Bakersfield. It’s always a pleasure to play there and see old friends, Jerry and Mel. I also got to say hello to the folks at KUZZ after soundcheck. They did a fine job of promoting the show ensuring that we were greeted with a lovely, and rowdy audience. Thank you again to all those that did the road-trip from Templeton. And, neeedless to say to all the “Mamas” and “AZDave” for making this trip very memorable. You guys are the best!
All in all, this year is shaping up nicely. Of course, when the record comes out we will need all the help we can get in promoting this record. Even with the support of a great label like New Door/ Universal, promoting records is very difficult. There may come a time when we may need your help. A lot of you ask me “what can I do?” Don’t worry. When the time comes we will coordinate our efforts. For now, just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll be just fine…Thank You!!
peace and love,


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