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February 27, 2007

Well, got back last night after a very long 16 hour day. Luckily we flew back through Dallas and avoided Chicago and their huge mess. First, thank you to everyone who came out to the shows this weekend…SOLD OUT!! First time as a solo artist in the area, and what can I say? The Triple Door is a fantastic venue with a great staff that go out of their way to accomodate the artist(s). A little note to Joe’s Pub (perhaps someone should visit the Triple Door, or any number of venues throughout the country and see how to treat an artist properly!! Especially one that has sold it out everytime they’ve played there!) Love New York…HATE Joe’s Pub!! Fortunately, the fans in the New York area have always been very enthusiastic and supportive. And as always, the crowds at Joe’s were fantastic and a good time was had by all! Anyways, back to Seattle…After A great night at the Triple Door, we drove over to Moses Lake. What a drive! Pretty hazardous conditions, but we made it. The Wallenstein Theatre is a converted movie house that actually sounds wonderful. We had a fantastic crowd that braved the weather and made us feel like a million bucks. Again, thanks to Rich Victor and everybody else who had something to do with us being there. Hope to come back when it’s not so cold!!
This year has started out in a fantastic way. I just signed my new deal with New Door/Universal. We are getting ready to release the “After Hours” record. We just shot photos for the album cover. (Ironically enough, at Joe’s Pub…lol. Of course, we are not using any of them. All they did was hurry us up and act like we were always in the way. Hard to get a good picture when you’re getting yelled at!) Alright, no more bitching about that place. We did the Don Imus show that week as well. Right away, You’re Only Lonely jumped into the iTunes top ten!! Thank you Don! And before our New York trip, we were in Texas. In Houston we played my buddy Jason Lewis’ place, called Warehouse Live! Great venue, and of course they treated us right. After all we are family! By the way, Rockin’ Robin Guitars in Houston is a fantastic place for musical instruments. I bought a ‘66 Blackface Fender Super Reverb that I cannot wait to play my old Jaguar through. And I also bought a Theremin. (I’m not going to bother to explain what it is. It is the strangest instrument ever! And they sell them there!! Big points in my book.) However, we did have to drive to Austin after the show because we could not find a hotel. Hard to believe, but true nonetheless. So we had to stay an extra night in Austin…Aaaaw! Poor Us! Well, Austin, everybody knows is one of my favorite places on the planet. The fact that they keep all the major chains out of South Congress is a monumental achievement worthy of recognition and emulation. Ahh, privately owned businesses…what a concept! LA Zona Rosa is a great venue to play…thanks for having us. Of course, Steve and Celeste and everybody else at the Continental make that place a treasure. Check it out when you’re in town. Then, off we went to Abilene to play one of the most beautiful theatres in the country, the Paramount. Great venue, great crowd…thanks for having us!
Well, we will be out this year, Jay, Robert, Tom, and myself promoting the new album. I hope we get to see most, if not all, of you at one show or another. Again, thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket or a cd or has somehow helped spread the word about our music…you’re the best!
peace and love,


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