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February 04, 2009
Piece of the Pie...'09
I have finally figured out how to write in my own journal. How funny is it that I have to get instructions from somebody I've never met to be able to write in my own journal. I guess this is the modern world. I love a lot of it. I hate some of it though. I love computers. They are a portal of information for those that wish to find it. Cell phones, I'm not so sure of. I know that they are really convenient and helpful in an emergency. The problem is how many of these emergencies do we really have that warrant having this device rule our world.  My parents never had a problem finding me at the mall, or at the movies, or at a party. But I guess cell phones are here to stay and I'm going to stop bitching about them (cell phones, not my parents). One thing I do hate though, is this "Guitar Hero" video game. Man, I wish kids would stop playing it. If Hendrix had played "Guitar Hero" he would not have become a guitar hero for real. To the parents, it does not teach your kids anything about music...nothing, nada, zero! I've nagged them (my kids) enough about it that they don't actually play it in front of me anymore. If kids spent enough time actually playing guitar, they would actually really play all the songs  in that game. Wouldn't it be something if they called me to use one of my songs? Of course, I would say yes. I know, I'm a whore. At least I'm expensive.

Alright, off the soapbox now! Jut got back from the Delbert Mcclinton Cruise. It was absolutely wonderful! I don't know how many cruises are left, but if you have the chance to go you will not regret it. If you are a music fan you will love this. If you're the type that gets a little annoyed when there are drunken musicians roaming the corridors singing or whistling at all hours of the night then you might want to sit this one out. Or not stay on my floor! It is a week filled with some of the greatest people you'll ever meet and you'll get to hear some really great music as well. All in all, it is an experience I can highly recommend.

While we were gone we(the country) inaugurated a new president. WOW! We did it! I know it's been a little bit of a rocky start. But when was the last time a president uttered the words "I screwed up"?  Hey, it's something. Plus, let's face it, the task at hand is beyond anything anybody has ever had to go through before. We really face some tough challenges all the way around. Our lives are going to change if they haven't already. We just have to readjust our "piece of the pie", so to speak. There was a time when the corporations, aka Wall Street, didn't rule the land the way they have for the last fifty or so years. So if we go back, in some ways, that's progress. Ironic isn't it? (For the record, I love irony).

This '09 year is a year i am personally looking forward to. "Lucky One" might just prove to be that! Fantasy Records is doing a great job to ensure that we have a succesful launch in March. We just shot a video for "Hello Again". And besides having the misfortune of having me in it, it should be a fine video. Luckily, the mrs. (Betty Badd Couture)brought out some bling to help ensure that some sense of style was captured on film. Oh, and for all you cruisers out there, "Doyle and Debbie" made a cameo appearance to add levity to the proceedings.By the way, radio is already playing "Hello Again" and we are getting reports that some stations on XM are  playing some of the other songs from the record as well.

Tomorrow I head to the city of angels for the Neil Diamond tribute hosted by the Music Cares foundation. Have you seen the line up? My gosh it's a big deal. I'm even impressed. Of course, I said yes when asked. After all, when Neil himself  requests your presence...you just have to do it. All kidding aside, it is a huge honor and i'm actually a little nervous about it...I'm sure it will be fun.

After that, I come back home for a little bit and then head to, yes, finally...Europe! I am going to Belfast and London. I will be doing a bunch of press in order to set up the record release over there and a subsequent tour as well. I miss being over there. I am very glad that we are finally making an effort to get over there again. Then after that, "Lucky One " gets released (March 3rd) and we are off to the races. We have got a great tour lined up here in the states. (Canada , we'll up your way soon) We will be sharing the bill with my good friend Shelby Lynne. She is one of the greats of our time and it is an honor to share the stage with her. Come out and see us if you can. At the very least, it will be worth your hard-earned money. And in this day and age, that's saying something!

                                                                    All the best, RM


Can't wait to see the video - 2009-09-09
So happy to hear that you shot a video for Hello Again! That's exciting news! I can't wait to see it! Yup, Lucky One is gonna be just that! All the best to you in 2009!!
by Maria Carroll

Love it!! - 2009-09-09
Raul, I love your journal entries. They are always great and it gives the fans who don't get to the shows a chance to know you better. Thanks so much! Hugs,
by Margee

GREAT!!!!!!!! - 2009-09-09

We're the Lucky Ones! - 2009-09-09
Downloaded the EP and counting down to 3/3. Love how the three older songs were done too; captured the amazing live experience. Can't wait till you come to MD again.
by Barb Whitmer

Return to Europe - 2009-09-09
Glad to hear your coming back to Europe.We've missed you too and look forward to hearing new cd
by Fiona Black

HAPPY DAYS... - 2009-09-09
Unbelievable....the other day my girlfriend and I were in Atascadero, (Ca), and were remembering your concert last year?? or later?? in Templeton(little theatre)....she wondered if you were coming back around here sometime...AND would drive anywhere to see you again...as we entered a store, there was a poster for your concert inMarch...Friday the 13th to be exact....UNBELEIVABLE!!!I got tickets the next day....front row (second section back)center...and bought some for a friend also....sorry...he's never heard of you....OR the Mavericks....I told him to trust me....he did, and I know he'll love it!! Looking forward to seeing you again....(I think its the 4th or 5th time!) 'Til then....Drive careful...AND Happy Trails...........Mark Hedger...LAZY Q RANCH.com PS..I agree with you about cell phones....I don't even own one...
by Mark Hedger

Hello, finally - 2009-09-09
So glad you are on your journal. Its been too long. Will see you in Glenside PA. Lots of Love.
by Gloria J. Shaud

Just a note.. - 2009-09-09
Have been a fan since the first Mavericks cuts...wish you would come back to Saratoga and play the Mt. Winery..but that being said ..I have my tickets for the Great American Music Hall in March!!!! Can't wait!!
by Libby

Hello - 2009-09-09
Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again when you come to Belfast in February. Hope you enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you. Love your music, voice and talent.
by Margaret Kirk

K.C. make-up date...please!!! - 2009-09-09
Hi Raul, Thanks so much for the great music. Can't wait to hear the new record! I've been waiting patiently (ok, not really) for you to come back to K.C. to play after your last show was canceled the day of the show. And I am a huge Shelby fan too....so how about doing a show here?? I'll promote it, sell tickets, heck, I will even mix the cocktails!!!! so, with an offer like that....how can you refuse???
by Chris Anderson

See you in March - 2009-09-09
Hi Raul- Looking forward to your new CD. We've been fans since the independent Mavs disc. We'll see you in Snoqualmie and Seattle, WA in March.
by Mark Medalen

Texas - 2009-09-09
Hi Raul, I am so excited to hear new music from you! I have been a fan since your early days with the Mavericks back when I lived in Nashville. I remember running into you one night at one of the studios...you were so gracious and down to earth. It seems like a million years ago. I hope you can make it to Dallas again and the date coincides with my travel schedule. Thank you so very much for your amazing contribution to the music world!
by Jenifer

Always look on the bright side of your life - 2009-09-09
Hiya, Ive never heard your music before today and heard you sing Always look on the bright side of your life on bbc radio 2 today (22 Feb 09) and it has really cheered me up beyond words. Thank you. My mom/family are refusing to come to my wedding in september and its been well just one of those weeks so to end it by hearing your rendition, I cannot thank you enough, then my car broke down but im still smiling because you sang it so fantastic. Please, Please would you consider making a recording of it? With many thanks Myrelle
by Mel Lincoln

- 2009-09-09
Keep up the great music. cant wait to get my hands on the new cd
by russ

GB - 2009-09-09
Hope to see you over here in England, its been too long.
by Graham Chambers

Tour - 2009-09-07
Don't see any mention of Florida or especially Tampa, FL on your tour. Hope you will be able to come to Tampa as you have many fans here and it would make us very happy.
by Nancy Puig

Thanks - 2009-08-28
Raul, I've had the distinct pleasure to see two of your recent shows at Greune Hall (TX) but then moved to the Pacific Northwest and thought how sad it was that folks in the PNW would not get to see your show. Then to my suprise you gave a concert at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, Washington, which I brought 6 of my closest friends and family to see. You blew the doors off!!! I love the larger band (the other is great too) they just added that extra something that made it one of the best shows I have ever seen. I play "The Lucky One" CD all the time in my car, and am constantly singing it to myself. I only wish you would have played longer- I know, never satified. Anyway, can't wait for you to come back. I would love to sit down and have a beer or two w you sometime, but I'll settle to listening to your music and watching you play. Thanks for coming to the PNW, hope it's a regular stop.
by Bob

Belly Up, San Diego - 2009-08-28
It was a great show as usual. Raul never disappoints. Can not wait until I see you again, next time I am bringing some first timers.
by Shawna Salazar

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