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February 28, 2009
Just got back from a fantastic trip to Belfast and London. Belfast was as wonderful as always. It was great meeting all the forum folks at the show. Thank you to Collin and Anne for putting on such a wonderful festival. I was supposed to be there on wednesday to do some press and acclimate to the time change. Unfortunately, the weather in New York was not cooperating. Which meant I had to fly in on thursday and basically straight to work... (That's if you want to call playing a couple of songs to an adoring crowd, work...) That night was my "in the round" with Benita Hill and Anthony Topper. Benita has written many hits for Garth Brooks, etc...She was wonderful as always. She writes beautiful melodies and I love that. Anthony is a singer/songwriter from Belfast who I had not heard before. He is an immensely talented and nice gentleman. Some of his songs were absolutely beautiful...some were dark and funny...good stuff. After that Jason and I headed over to see Tift Merrit play her set. I have known Tift for a long time and think the world of her. At one point we were both managed by the same manager. Like a good musician should, her music transports you to a wonderful place you've either been to or wish you could go. She also happens to be my label mate.

 At this point in the night I felt like I'd hit the sleep-deprivation wall, which made for a funny moment at the Indian restaurant across the street from the hotel. The waiter came by to bring us our food and I was actually asleep. It really scared him. I think he thought Jason had poisoned me or something. After a much needed good night's rest,the next day was spent doing a couple of interviews; followed by a little bit of shopping and finally ending up at the Crown Pub for a couple of "wee" pints. The crowd, as always in Belfast, was really fantastic that night. I had a wonderful time that night and look forward to perhaps doing it again next year.

 So, off to London we went. Universal put us up at The Royal Garden in Kensington. I've spent so much time there I felt like I was home. You know it's bad, when you haven't been in a place in years and you walk into the bar and the bartenders stand up and applaude you! Then we went and saw my old friend Johnie Walker (not the drink, he's actually a dj on the BBC). He's an old friend who has been playing the record and we went for an interview. Funny thing...he made me play Monty Python's "Bright Side of Life" on the air...good fun! The next several days were spent doing nothing but press for the release of the record. I basically have the old team back from the Mavericks days, and they are doing a fantastic job of promoting this record over there.  I did all the big radio shows (Danny Baker, Bob Harris) etc...I even got to play with Jools Holland and his band for his radio show. As Jools said, "what a lovely way to spend an afternoon". All in all, there seems to be genuine enthusiasm for this record over there. Hopefully we will be back before the end of the year.

 Next week is the release of "Lucky One". So far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Which, of course, makes me feel good after all the hard work that has gone not only into making this record but the hard work of the last couple of years. We have got a fantastic tour lined up for the spring and summer. We kick things off in Nashville on tuesday night and then we're off to the west coast for the first leg. Thank you all for your support and good wishes..."Lucky One" indeed...Peace, RM



hyves - 2009-09-09
dear raul i am caroline from holland and there is a special page over there from you your nrw cd is great greetings from caroline from the netherlands
by caroline

Congrats - 2009-09-08
I have my Copy of the Cd saved and it should be here next week. I almost had a fit when I read your schedule. Minneapolis Minnesnowta March the 27th! OMG!! I said I would see you in person and if the Lord's willing and the Creeks don't rise I will be there, I gotta find out where in the heck Cabooze is..I wish with all my might that I can get an autograph on my CD. Love Your singing, discovered you by chance, My lucky Day..Bye for now,Raul Malo~~
by Amelia Olmsted

Well deserved accolades on Lucky One - 2009-09-08
Raul, we are looking forward to seeing you and the band on this tour! We can't wait to hear the songs from "Lucky One" in person so we plan to see you on the west coast AND the east coast! Best wishes as always and savor the moments on this tour.
by George & Romi

Raul - 2009-09-08
I wish you the very best with Lucky One. Can't wait to get my copy. Wish you could schedule a trip to Ga. Saw you last year in Athens. It was a great show. Good Luck in all you do.
by Mary Dean

- 2009-09-08
All the best my friend
by rich victor

Congratulations - 2009-09-08
Congratulations on your best accomplishment yet. Listening to you moving thru life is a true joy. I didn't think you could top "Marshmellow World" at the Keswick a few years ago, as you sang with such glee. Your new songs further add to your zest for embracing everyday. Many thanks as you bring memories to the forefront and enthusiasm to the future. Looking forward to seeing you at the Keswick in the Spring.....enjoy the Tour.
by Ann Sheridan

Can't wait to see you! - 2009-09-08
Raul, My husband and and I are vacationing in central CA. I saw a poster about your concert with Shelby Lynne and immediately purchased tickets. I am a volunteer programmer at a public radion station in northern Minnesota, and I play your music every time I'm on the radio! I feel blessed to be able to see you in concert! Peace,
by karen oothoudt

Lucky one - 2009-09-08
The new CD is AWESOME! I've been a huge fan for a LONG time and this CD hits the mark. Looking fwd to LENO!!!!! Come back to the Southgate house soon. Cincinnati & Ky love you. Carol
by Carol Bonner

Angel's Voice - 2009-09-08
My mother introduced me to Raul's magnificient voice before her death ~ One of the many wonderful things she did for her daughter! I cry everytime I hear Raul's voice for it is heavenly and one of a kind, and it so reminds me of my angel mother who is in heaven! Raul, please come to St. Louis or surrounding area soon! Anxiously awaiting your new CD...it's been ordered!
by Robin Koster

- 2009-09-08
Good Luck on new cd Love your music.
by Patricia

Fantastic - 2009-09-08
I really love your journal! Your travels ,insight and experiences are so much fun to read. Boy, you know a lot of folks. It makes me fantasize about my college days, way before the Mavs in Miami Beach. Jools Holland! and at the time, his millionaires. Great roots and great taste in music. Looking forward to spending that 35 dollars of well earned money to see Your show. Somewhere you stated I would get my money's worth. One request. Please rock out.!! I want to feel light on my feet the next day!! Pleasantly, your fan since the Cactus Days. BAS
by Barbara shuman

Lucky One/West Coast - 2009-09-08
Love you and your music. First saw you at the taste of Tacoma in the early 90's with the Mavericks and have followed you ever since. Wonderful new album. Great musicians that compliment you perfectly! I went to the show in Portland (3/6) and the one in Seattle (3/8), both fun and entertaining. I think the Triple Door venue last year was awesome and hope you do that one again soon. Thank you for your originality and diversity. You have definately been blessed.
by Jenny

long time fan - 2009-09-08
I am driving to Chicago and Cleveland to see you live. Can’t get enough and ya only live once right? So my husband says "if it makes me this happy, go for it". Lost my Dad and my dog this year and your music speaks to my heart. Especially some of the tracks from the Lucky one. My kids (25 and 23) are huge fans too. Thanks for the music. Come to Cincinnati soon...Carol
by Carol

Seattle Sunday - 2009-09-08
Bravo! I went to see Shelby and fell in love with you too. I'll be buying some of your CD's this week and hope your fans feel the same way about the beautiful Ms. Lynne! You had Seattle rockin' on Sunday and your music is joyous. Feel the love ~ I have been ill and it was my first night out in five months and I think I had a musical healing! Thank you for what you do and please keep doing it. I hope I see you in Seattle again soon. ps - I sent Shelby a box of candy, I hope it got to her and she shared some, Seattle's best!
by donna

No Malo, Bueno - 2009-09-08
Just saw you on Leno. You have a great voice. Enjoyed your performance so much.
by Isabel

In London - 2009-09-08
Sorry I missed the bits in London Raul. Hope to see you back soon as I've seen all your last concerts with The Mavs and wouldn't want to miss another opportunity to hear you live! Good luck with the album!
by Phil Ransome

- 2009-09-08
Just saw Raul Malo on the Tonight Show and he is wonderful. I had to google him to see who he is. I look forward to hearing more great songs from him; he is charismatic.
by J.K. Frazier

New Fan - 2009-09-08
Saw you tonight on Leno - GREAT!! - Sure wish ordering your CD was as easy as watching you on TV: DIFFICULT WEB-SITE! You are an amazing talent who appeals to those of us who have IRA's & 401K's. Don't forget us in favor of those young folks who have no "$$". Glad that the true talent you have has overcome the "group-thing". I truly wish that my husband, Jack, could be here to see your "break-out". If you will watch Rainman (the movie), you will see Jack Cope, described as the "Angry Driver" - & you will understand why you have new & probably constant fans who appreciate your work! Took you too long to go out on your own! Just remember to keep a user-friendly website, and don't forget us OLD-FOLKS who grew up with the really great music of the 50's, 60's & 70's.
by cynthia cope

Can u tour here - 2009-09-07
I just heard you on J Leno and you are amazing. I live on the prairie of Sask. can you tour to Regina?? I can go to Montant too in the summer (weather) I am crippled with Multiple Sclerosis, so must not attempt bad weather travel.
by crippled old lady - Linda Stewart

LENO - 2009-09-07
Great job...the new CD is a for sure GRAMMY
by carol

DREAMY ALBUM! - 2009-09-07

Humbbled - 2009-09-07
Guess you've heard it all;from fans after each performance. But I must say you're music humbles me. Heard El Paso the other week and remembered my uncle Robert singing it to us at their house that had a winding stairway.My brother and cousin were the cowboys,and my cousin and I dressed in old wedding dresses and we were salon girls. I would always cry at the end of the song. How sad. Hope you realize that you are heaven sent, and that you are a wonderful talent. Thanks for all the old songs you do. Must say I love, the music for all occasions Cd. I play and sing to it all the time. Wishing you much sucess on the new Cd. It's beautiful also. My husban says you could sing the phone book. See you in Md.at Rams Head. Ardena
by Ardena Dunn

Hi old friend - 2009-09-07
Hi dear friend its been a long trip I am so happy that you have made it I knew you would you were the one with the voice and the looks miss you alot Susy from Miami Tommys old girlfriend
by Susana Alfonso

Belfast Loves You Too! - 2009-09-07
Dear Raul, so glad you enjoyed Belfast, 'cause Belfast loves you. Heard the story of you going into the next room to play with the cover band who were playing your music and they couldn't believe it was you. Loved that!! And do you mean Anthony Toner? So glad you like him; we love him too. Come back soon!
by Claire Meilicke

Longtime Fan - 2009-09-07
Raul, I've been a fan of your's since the Mavs. I missed you a few times when you came to Michgan but I won't miss you in April. Can wait to see you in Detroit. I taped your tonight show appearance and have listened to it cranked up on the Bose plenty of times. Lucky One is fantastic, some of your best work, though I love all of your stuff....Have safe travels.
by Susan Andring

hi from Benita - 2009-09-07
Hey pal-hope the shows are going great for you-all the Belfast gang is in town and I'm sure you'll see them all at SXSW-let me know when you're ready to write!
by Benita Hill

Tucson Az. - 2009-09-07
Drove to Tucson from Phoenix to see the show. It was awesome, Raul preformed like there were 20,000 people there. My girlfriend is in love with him. It was worth the drive. I will catch him again sometime
by Mike

Arroyo Grande - 2009-09-07
Great performance! My husband and I enjoyed it immensely. Hope you won't be a stranger to Calif.! Lucky One CD is great!
by Molly Burgett

Mrs - 2009-09-07
Please when is there to be a UK tour?
by Liz Chester

Dear Raul, - 2009-09-07
My husband and I have enjoyed your music for 15 years. The first time we saw you perform live was at Gruene Hall in Texas last year. You were so awesome that we flew from Texas to Oregon for your concert at the Aladdin Theater a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure you'll remember us. We were the happy couple dancing in front of the stage! We just wanted to tell you how amazing we think you are! The band is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and the rest of the world. With first-rate performances, that winsome smile, and the happy energy you create, who could help but love you? Thanks again for being our shooting star. I hope you'll come to Texas again soon. We want to take everyone we know to see you. Sincerely...
by Jill Hernandez

Dear Raul, - 2009-09-07
My husband and I have enjoyed your music for 15 years. The first time we saw you perform live was at Gruene Hall in Texas last year. You were so awesome that we flew from Texas to Oregon for your concert at the Aladdin Theater a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure you'll remember us. We were the happy couple dancing in front of the stage! We just wanted to tell you how amazing we think you are! The band is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and the rest of the world. With first-rate performances, that winsome smile, and the happy energy you create, who could help but love you? Thanks again for being our shooting star. I hope you'll come to Texas again soon. We want to take everyone we know to see you. Sincerely...
by Jill Hernandez

fantastic shows - 2009-09-07
I live in Mpls, Mn, but spend winter time in Austin great sx show at Aud. shores...great, great.I was very happy to see you the following week at home in Mpls. your show is so full of energy, and good music that one can actually forget about the all the negative in the world today. Keep it up....your music is truly good for the spirit. And you can't beat that. Love your new CD...Hope to see you again, in Austin for sure. Best wishes, and a sincere thank you.
by carol

We'd love to see you! - 2009-09-07
When you've rested up a bit...do you think you'll make it out to Cali?? I live in the Monterey Bay area and would love to see you.
by Holly,(&Mark) Hebert

Thanks for the music. - 2009-09-07
I only first heard of you when you appeared on the Tonight show earlier this month.I became an instant fan. Went to iTunes right after and downloaded your stuff off the new album. I love it. It speaks what I feel. I can tell you are a guy who has loved and lost. I feel your songs. And I thank you for them. I wish I could have seen you perform at the House of Blues. I live in Anaheim. I will definitely be there the next time your in the L.A. area. Continued success to you.
by Frank Hernandez

Lucky One - 2009-09-04
Over the last year I have had surgery, chemo, radiation therapy and everything in between and listening to your music has been a big help. I have many of your songs on my ipod and when the pain pills don't quite do it, I would plug you in and drift away. Now, your new CD "Lucky One" makes me feel like it was just for me. I am the "Lucky One" for surviving Breast Cancer and you helped me get here. Thank you.
by Nancy Puig

hello - 2009-09-04
when are you coming to Santa Fe NM
by Kathleen

A fan of 'Lucky One' - 2009-09-04
I just bought 'Lucky One', listened to it as soon as I got home, and I loved it, all of it, especially the title cut. I also liked your phrasing on 'Lonely Hearts'; it was good fun and a good song. I had never heard you before I bought Imus' Rach record, and he said "nobody, nobody had a better voice than you." And then he went on and said you did a better job on that song than Charlie Pride, and I agree. Did he choose that song, or did you? It was genius whoever it was because it won you a lot of new fans, like me. I'm a writer and I listen to music all the time while I write and I probably buy more than 50 cds a year and I'm so glad to have found you. My husband is a blues musician and he really knows music--I just know what I like, but he listened to that cut on the Imus record and he was stunned by your voice. He said it was almost too beautiful for popular culture, that you could sing opera if you chose to do so. Anyway, I'm just hoping that someday soon you and the band will come to Louisville so I can see you in person. You also ought to check out ear-xtacy, the largest record store in Louisville. It's locally owned and they have performances in-store. It's a great store and they understand the musician/fan dynamic which most stores don't. Good for you for honoring Albert, I know he loved it. Something about you/your voice reminds me a little of Jim Morrison. Please take care of yourself. I don't want you to end up in a bathtub in Paris. I know you don't have the time to answer fan mail, but I really do hope you can at least read this (It's my first letter to anyone I adore, exceot my husband) Thank you for all you do for us who love you, and please, please take care of yourself.
by Bonnie McCafferty

"Lucky You" - 2009-09-04
I just wrote you a long email and I hope you got it; my computer did something goofy so I don't know. If you didn't, let me know and I'll resubmit it.
by Bonnie McCafferty

New fan - 2009-09-04
I saw you on Jay Leno the other night - - it may have been a tape, but I loved it and have bought your CD. Keep it up.
by Beverly

New Fan [again :)] - 2009-09-04
I've only hear the first 6 and am anxious to hear the rest.
by Beverly

wha - 2009-09-04
I talked my sister into going to the Keswick Theater tonight. She was not familiar with your music. It was great to see her take in the talent..what a wonderful show!
by Sharon Cerogino

New Fan - 2009-08-28
I am in love! I just discovered Raul this evening watching Jay Leno. I googled Raul and watched/listened to every music video I could. What a voice! What a talent. How did I miss him all these years! I am a new fan and admirer.And so handsome and sexy to boot!
by Barbara

lucky one - 2009-08-28
The new cd is excellent, one of your best! Saw the show at the Keswick Sunday night, you always send us home happy after another great show. Come back soon Raul, we love ya!
by Dave & Patty Taylor

Terrific Evening - 2009-08-28
Hi Raul, from Philadelphia- Thank you for a terrific show on Sunday night (5 Apr)! I'll be sure to catch you again somewhere, someday - it was too good! And thank you... for wearing the fancy pants!!
by Stefanie

Memphis.TN - 2009-08-28
When or where ill you be close to us. The last time we saw you wa in Tunica,Ms. As The Mavericks.
by Rick

"Lucky One" - 2009-08-28
Raul....We, the fans, are the lucky ones to be able to enjoy your beautiful music and incredible voice that speaks to all of us on a very personal level. Add to it, your gracious patience in greeting us, listening to us gush, and signing autographs after your shows, and you are beyond compare. Thank you!
by Pam Schmidt

Love the New CD - 2009-08-28
I saw R.M. in person in Minneapolis,finally on the tour. I didn't get to meet him. A fan of his from Myspace that follows him all over the country said, "he is not fainting material") when I told her I might faint if I got to meet him.she also told me, "Raul is VERY out spoken" makes me wonder why than does she follow him all around the country? Makes me laugh out loud, Love the CD R.M. I think you are fainting Material to...
by Amelia Olmsted

Fan notes: Post-Birchmere - 2009-08-28
Caught the show at the Birchmere last Wednesday, and it was simply fantastic. First of all, the Birchmere is a great venue - the audience is actually quiet during songs, so you get to really listen and really hear. Second it's small enough that you really feel involved. Thanks! For those who missed it, there was also a great interview in the Washington Post: https://voices.washingtonpost.com/postrock/2009/04/raul_malo_on_great_singers_bei.html Raul - keep on doing what you're doing, and we'll keep on thanking you!
by Neil Daniels

Wonderful - 2009-08-28
Raul: Saw you this past Saturday evening at the Showcase n Foxboro, MA. You are amazing! I have been listening to the Mavericks and some of your solo stuff for about a year now thanks to a friend and although the recordings are good, nothing compares to you live! I am going to take more salsa lessons just so I can dance more at your next show. Come back soon! Sorry that everytime you come to MA it snows; and that you must play in the Pats backyeard as a Dolphins fan.
by Caryn

Glasgow - 2009-08-27
When are you coming back to Glasgow
by Linda Hope

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