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May 06, 2009
Lucky Me...

I'm going to start this journal entry with what happened on the last stop of the tour in Chapel Hill. (After all, this is what is fresh on my mind...especially after two months of pretty intense touring). After being home for just a day, the bus picked us up at my house at midnight. (It's hard to explain. But on those trips where you are home for a day after being gone for a substantial amount of time, and then  get back on the bus to go do a show in the middle of the week, they still never feel right.) Nonetheless, off we went to Chapel Hill.

  In my subconscious, i was probably a bit apprehensive about the gig in the first place. For starters, I have never played there as a solo artist, or as the Mavericks, so I didn't really know what to expect. We checked into the hotel and the guys went off to explore the town. (By the way, Chapel Hill is a great town with cafes and restaurants and groovy, artsy shops). I stayed back like the kid that can't go and play because he has to do homework. My interviewer was calling in a few minutes and I had to try and get out of my less than pleasant mood. I hope he doesn't ask me about the Mavericks, I thought to myself...(yeah right, deal with it). We had just come from Canada where Billy Bob Thornton went off on a reporter for having the audicity to ask him about his movie career! The nerve of that reporter! How could he? Didn't he know all the Billy Bob Thornton classic songs from the 70's? All this is playing in my head as i am waiting for the telephone to ring. Plus, after two months on the road, there's a little bit of a "Groundhog Day" effect. You do the same routine day in and day out and after a while it doesn't matter where you are. (Believe me, I am not complaining. After all this is the life i chose).

   The phone rings. After several time-delayed pleasantries (he was calling from Switzerland) the inquiries began... "so, Raul, why did you decide to leave the Mavericks?" Here we go...sigh...deep breath...baseball...kids...home tomorrow...I replied something to the effect of "bands are difficult to sustain...artistic differences...blah, blah, blah". You know, the usual crap about why bands break up. Apparently that answer was not going to do. "So is music more of a hobby for you now?" HOBBY? HOBBY? Are you kidding me? "I have spent the last two months on a tour bus without a break. I have missed every one of my kids' baseball games. They call me every day wondering when i am coming home. I have a full band on payroll...I have a bus that I have to pay for. I just released an album that I have been promoting all over the US. I just came back from Ireland and England from a press trip. Hobby? This interview is over!" Or something like that. Shortly thereafter I realized that he did not mean to insult me and we apologized to one another. We (I) calmed down and finished the interview. I chalked up our "moment" to one of those "lost in translation" things. All ended well and an international crisis was averted.

   So, before you all start feeling sorry for me, here's some perspective: people in active military service sometimes don't get to see their kids for years! Years! And there are people shooting at them everyday. And they signed up for this! I get off the bus and yeah sure, Suzy might fall and break something. Or someone needs a picture, because for sure I am more handsome today than I was yesterday. Or the rooms aren't ready and I am forced to sit inside a $500,000 rolling luxury motor home and force myself to drink a delicious capuccino. So sometimes it's a little rough...(whose life isn't?) At the end of the day we (musicians) get to do what we love to do the most and everything is alright.

   As I said earlier, the tour was long and sometimes seemingly endless. But the crowds and the energy that those crowds gave us more than made up for the long travel days and nights. Even the small crowds were fantastic. We got to play the Tonight Show which was fantastic. It felt great to be back there. No other place makes you feel more like you're in show business than being on that NBC lot in the morning. The work starts early there (around 7:00 am). Grips moving lighting gear...producers barking out orders...assistants making sure everyone is ok. "Can I get you anything Mr. Malo?" "Why yes, I would love to take Jay's Lamborghini for a ride". "Hmmm, I'll see what i can do"..."Thank you very much". Never heard from her again...oh well.

  That night, after the taping we had to hurry down to the Anaheim House of Blues for our first show in southern california. Let me just say this, if our borders were secured like that "House of Blues" on the Disney lot, we would not have an immigration problem!  Next stop was LA House of Blues. The weather in California was absolutely perfect. There are a lot of things you can complain about in California, the weather sometimes makes you forget those things. Our gig with the "Five Sisters" Promotion team in Paso Robles was great fun, as always with them. They treated us like kings and we are so grateful.

  We made our way east to Phoenix and then Texas for SXSW. Austin, one of my favorite cities in the world, was teeming with music. It was to be found everywhere and that is one of the reasons i love that city so much. Our gigs were fantastic as they always are there specifically. We eventually made our way to Pittsburgh, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto. I went swimming at the hotel in Pittsburgh and got water in my ears and could not hear the crowds at all from the stage. It was kind of strange. Luckily, the crowds were so much fun that I could "feel" them more than i could hear them.

   I know i started this journal with what really was not a typical day out here on the road. So, here's how the first day in Canada went. About 8:00 am Ricky (tour manager) wakes us up for the border crossing. (By the way, the Canadian guards were really nice. The americans on the way back, waterboarded us! Yes...waterboarded us! Alright, they didn't really but they were DICKS!)  We get our papers in order, they checked us out and we're through.  Today was an off day so we could relax. Back on the bus i made myself a delicious espresso on my new espresso machine that i bought in New York. It is made by "Nespresso". You can check out their website. Then I lit up a delicious cuban cigar that a friend had given me. Since it was an off day and the sun was shining everybody was in a good mood. We made espressos for everybody, we smoked more cigars and by 2:00 had already opened several bottles of wine. All the while listening to the majesty of Pavarotti as he complemented this beautiful day. After a while, I realised that I had drunk several espressos, smoked two cuban cigars, drank a bottle of wine, had traveled to a foreign country, and listened to Pavarotti the whole time as if he were the score in this film. And all this before 2:00pm on sunday. I know for a fact, that there are people out there that have never done any of those things in a lifetime, much less in a day! And that's fine...to each his own. I hope i don't sound like i'm bragging...I'm not, believe me. Being away from family is the hardest part about being out there. You just have to make the best of it and enjoy as much of it as you can. 

   Speaking of enjoying myself, I'm home for a while now. I get to see my kids' baseball games. Nothing better than sitting out there watching your kids play the great game of baseball. The smell of cut grass, leather, and popcorn coupled with the sounds of the game...the pings of the bats as they make contact; the umps calling strikes; parents jeering and cheering or complaining. (Ever notice how the umps are wrong when it's against your kids' team). I love it!  And I get to enjoy it for a whole month!   So you see...not so bad really. Lucky one indeed!

                                                   Peace, RM



Greatest voice! - 2010-12-23
Raul, I became a fan when you were with the Mavericks and was so disappointed when you broke up. Since then, you have become my favorite artist and I've had the opportunitiy to see you 7 times including my home in Bakersfield. I love your tribute to old standards. Any thoughts of doing any Roy Orbison remakes? Only you could do him justice. You have a special way of paying honest tribute while making it your own. I believe you would be right on par with my past favorite, Roy. Don
by Don Montano

Visit Oz, please - 2010-10-28
Is there any chance you will be touring Australia in the near future? I would love to hear you in concert. I have recently become a fan, and hope to hear you in person "Down Under"
by Karyn

Coach House-Southern Calif - 2009-12-10
We've been waiting patiently since your dates were canceled in June. When are you coming back to So Cal, we need our fix! Love seeing you at the Coach House!
by Mel Knuchell

California needs you Raul!! - 2009-12-10
Hi Raul,Hopefully we will be seeing you soon in California. My girlfriend and I saw you perform at the House of Blues in Anaheim.(same day you performed on the Tonight Show)We were humming your tunes for the next two weeks!! By the time you finished the 4th encore I had to scrape my girlfriend(Cindy) off the floor,she just melted away with your performance. I've been a fan of yours now for about 5 years. I wished I would have had taken the time to appreciate the Mavericks back in the 90's,so I kind of feel cheated. Merry Christmas to you and your family Raul!!
by Joe Hernandez

- 2009-11-17
I am 72 an visuallyimpaired but at your concerts at the Keswick in Glenside Pa or when listening to your cds, I am a young woman dancing the night away. You would not believe the choeeography in my head and never once do I muss a step. Your Tomorrow Night takes me back to PSU in1955 when we danced what was called dirty boogie and the house mothers banned it. Today, that stlye is nothing. You have 3 generations of fans in this family. Also, glad you like baseball. We have Phillie Phever in this area right now. When will your next album be out? Keepup the good work. You make alot of people happy.
by Margaret Romberger

Chapel Hill - 2009-11-17
I was also there at Chapel Hill. Wow, what a night! Raul, see you on the Delbert cruise in January.
by PegLeg

Your everywhere but here....... - 2009-11-17
Raul , Las Vegas is missing you........... any idea when you'll be back???
by Rita

Chapel Hill - 2009-10-22
We were reading your journal the other night and got very excited when we saw you were talking about Chapel Hill...We were there!!!! Six of us drove an hour and a half to hear you...We still talk about that night..probably the MOST FANTASTIC concert we have ever been too..Maybe you remember us...the people dancing in front of you and singing every single song with you!!! Oh how we love your music...You are an amazing artist definately following your passion..Please come back to see us...
by Trish and Martha

That Voice!!! - 2009-10-22
Raul, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the rest of mankind. Hearing you sing makes my heart sing in accompaniment!!! Your fans are the "Lucky Ones". God bless you and your wonderful family!
by San Antonio Rita

Pete's a Pizza - 2009-10-22
Just picked up Lucky One, it's the top CD in the car these days. Can't wait to pick up some others from your site. Loved you in the Mavericks, and loved what you did for Pete's a Pizza (so did my son!).
by SaraC

Sellersville Show - 2009-10-22
Hi Raul,Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your show and what a thrill it was to meet you. I am trying to join the forum but am having problems logging on. Sent an email to BubbleUp, so hopefully will be solved soon. Looking forward to the new albums and hope you will be coming to the Phila. area soon!! Much love, Cheryl
by Cheryl Ehrmann

At Last - 2009-10-05
The first time my wife and I saw you you were on the Grand Ole Opry. My wife said she had to have your album You're Only Lonely. So we immediately purchased it and many more since than. We also had the good fortune of seeing you at the Birchmere in Virginia. My wife loved your song At Last. Unfortunately my wife past away this year, but when I play your music it brings back many fond memories. When will you be back in our area again
by John Hartlove

Kelli Garner - 2009-10-05
Great site, how do I subscribe?
by Kelli Garner

keep singing - 2009-10-05
A year or two ago I bought the best of the mavericks Cd (after only having seen dance the night away once but never forgetting it) Anyway My kids love it, especially my daughter Isabel (7) who gets all teary eyed about her best friend Clare who moved away during some songs esp #11. (We live in Quorn, South Australia and got the CD in Port Augusta)
by Tarla

Hello Again Video - 2009-09-22
Hi from Austin Raul! I saw your new video "Hello Again" and of course, loved it. We cannot wait to see you at the Austin City Limits Festival! You are adored in Austin!!
by Melissa Brown

Bill Bartmann-_ - 2009-09-11
Great site...keep up the good work.
by Bill Bartmann-_

Elvis - Raul - 2009-09-09
Raul, The first time I met you backstage was at Hofeinze Pavillion in Houston. I informed you that in my humble opinion you are Elvis reincarnated. Your reply was you were glad he's upstairs now. Your talent is definately right up there with the absolute best. Ever since my grandson met you in Austin he has big plans to play Guitar and piano in your band before you retire. Fortunately we have been able to meet you backstage at least six times and next to me my grandson is your biggest fan in Houston, Texas.
by Mary & Brandon Janitz

I know you've been to the Bakersfield Crystal Palace, but each time I have missed you for various reasons. I have loved your music for years and play it almost everyday. When are you coming back? I want to see you perform in person.
by Corrine

Clothing - 2009-09-07
Wow! Its imposible... I'm realy shocked :/
by Clothing

"Hello Again" - 2009-09-04
I saw you, for the first time, performing the video "Hello Again" and became an instant huge fan. I've since purchased all of your CD's (and am already playing and enjoying Marshmallow World and other Holiday Favorites) and play them all day long, even in my car. You are fabulous and have a fantastic smile. Your sense of humor is also very special. I hope someday I'll be fortunate enough to see you in person if you're ever in Southern California. Enjoy your family when you can. Love by Joeanne
by Joeanne Newman

Bill Bartmann - 2009-09-04
Excellent site, keep up the good work
by Bill Bartmann

Pgh Tequila Girls - 2009-08-28
Raul, Glad you're relaxing and enjoying the family...nothing better in life!! Just glad you heard us in Pittsburgh-remember- the only town you can have a bottle of tequila delivered to you up on stage! TTFN
by Karen

Good for you - 2009-08-28
Great Post. I am glad to see you are home for a bit enoying what is important, your kids! See ya in Texas in June! Be safe!
by Duane

Peace - 2009-08-28
Peace indeed and a well deserved rest. Hug those boys enough to make up for the time lost, but I'm sure you know how much your efforts are appreciated while you're on the road. I know it's a tough gig, but I truly think Lucky One is breakthrough territory for you and there's lots of sweet wine and cigars in your future. Just lay off the espresso when encountering the Dicks at the gate!
by Amy

Sweet! - 2009-08-28
That sounds awesmome Raul, thanks for sharing that~ Mike N Marissa and we really enjoyed your show in Pittsburgh!
by Mike N Marissa

Thanks Raul! - 2009-08-28
Just wanted to thank you for always making the stop in Detroit. You and the guys really rocked the Magic Stick! Glad you'll get some well deserved rest. Hopefully we will see you soon again.
by tartar40

- 2009-08-28
Just finish reading your journal. I had 2 tickets for your concert in Canada(Toronto)but my husband was sick and I missed it. I still feel sorry for myself. I have followed you for ever and you are the best. When are you coming back???
by lise sibbbald

PITTSBURGH - 2009-08-28
Just to thank you for the wonderful time at your concert in our great city of Pittsburgh. It was a sad day for us, but you made us smile and forget for just a little while.
by Leslie

Seattle Tour - 2009-08-28
Happy to see you writing again in the journal. We enjoyed both performances in Seattle. When are you coming back this way? How about eastern Washington state? We hope to see you again...somewhere just not sure where yet. All our best,
by Vickie & John Plasker

Thank you for remembrance - 2009-08-28
Raul, As mother and mother-in-law to two soldiers I want to thank you for continuing to remember we have those serving and for acknowledging the hardships many face. My daughter-in-law left her onld child the day before his first birthday and returned a week and a half before his second. I was blessed to have my only grandchild with me that year but her second tour and seeing all the milestones she (and he) were missing together, was harder than when my own son was in Iraq in 2004-2005. I cried many tears for her sacrifice yet she did it with her head held high, as so many of our soldiers do. The world seems to forget, I'm appreciative you haven't. I also must add they got plenty of Raul music when they were in Iraq and I've asked them, in my honor to attend your upcoming Phoenix show! Thanks again, you rock in more ways than one! L
by Lori

Well hello again... - 2009-08-27
I love you Raul and I laughed all the way through this journal. You are a great writer and I have been waiting for the next entry...I was hoping you would mention your show in Ridgefield, Connecticut because I was there and it was a highlight for me and my sister and we listen and dance to your music all the time--and laugh!!! I even wrote on Facebook that I found a way to get over being angry--I dance to this video, then I attached the link to your London show and "Dance the Night Away". Awesome!! I am happy that you are having a much deserved break from making all of us happy! We are planning to come see you again in Tarrytown or NYC or Long Island--which show do you recommend? Have a great vaca... Thank you so much. Sylvia Albrecht Milford, Connecticut
by Sylvia Albrecht

Just a note - 2009-08-27
We were first introduced (not personally!) at the Grand Ole Opry. 5 couples, all the guys friends since school days, all married to the same woman for 35 years, Michiganders, on our way home after houseboating for a week, stopping in Nashville. Enough about us-that's where we all fell in love with your music. I've been a fan of the Smackwater block in Lexington, MI since it opened . when I saw you on the venue-I squealed with delight! Raul-in our neck of the woods! We've since since you twice there. My sincere thanks to you and your band for touring, for being real, and for using your talents to entertain a world. Kindest regards,
by Debra

Thankyou - 2009-08-27
Raul,First I have to say I am a great fan of your music and i have been for years,I am a single mom of a beautiful daughter,I have had a really tough year in september i was beaten by my daughters father, and had to hide in a womens shelter for two months in Danbury Ct,were doing much better now it was very hard at 39 to leave a home you love and start all over,but im doing it, in two weeks Im taking my exam to re certify my nurse tec lic,and Im looking forward to my new life with my daughter, I understand what you mean about feeling your not there enough for your kids,but we are parents and i think the minute our kids our born that guilt sets in, but don't worry they will be fine,Im sure you give them every thing and more,so I will wrap this up by saying thank you for all the great music and please don't ever stop singing,I think you have been blessed with a beautiful voice ,and what seems to me a very kind and down to earth personality, if you ever on the road and want to talk to,an honest person with a big heart feel free to email me any time i would really like to talk to you...dianawoodley@ymail.com thanks again and dont work to hard....Diana
by Diana Woodley

First-timer - 2009-08-27
Have loved your work since you were with the Mavericks and love it even more now! Please, PLEASE come to Ohio so I can see you in person!' Enjoy your time at home with your family- you deserve it, and kids are only young for a short time.
by Leslie Holmes

Thanks - 2009-08-27
Raul, Thanks for the update, enjoyed reading it. I especially am pleased to know you are a baseball fan. I knew there was something about you (other than your music) that I liked. :) Enjoy the time off. Hope to see you in Seattle again soon.
by Bob

Thanks Raul - 2009-08-27
I'm a security contractor working oversea's, spend a lot of time listening to you on youtube, longtime fan. Favorite clip is you at the Royal Albert singing From Hell to Paradise/Guantanamera. The Devil is almost gone, his brother right behind him, and Cuba will be free again. Muchas Gracias for what you do. Hope to see you live someday. Regards, Kent.
by Kent

Cuban/Latin jazz album - 2009-08-27
Raul, have you ever thought of doing an album of Latin jazz or Afro-Cuban music?
by Jeannie

- 2009-08-26
LOVE LOVE LOVE your music!!! Oh what a thrill is probably the best love song I have ever heard. I play it to death ( : Loved the Mavericks,,, and just today discovered who you are and your music seperate from the Mavericks. Love it all,,, hey anyone who can pull off Elvis and Roy Orbison,,,have got it going on, So I am now your #1 fan! ( : hahaha I'm going to see you in Petaluma,CA In June,,, what a treat! Love your voice and how you roll! Take Care and good luck to you, Rock on,,, Jeanette
by Jeanette

You have the best voice I have ever heard!!!!! - 2009-08-26
I saw you with the Maverick's years ago and I still think about it. I am in St.Louis and I would love to hear you voice live again. I MISS YOU!
by Mary Catanzaro

Love your journal - 2009-08-26
Raul, I love your journal and appreciate your taking the time to share some of your days with us. Thanks so much!
by Margee

I love your voice - 2009-08-26
Raul, I was first introduced to your music many years ago when you were the opening act for Mark Chesnutt @ Universal in California. I was familiar with the Mavericks music but when I heard your voice in person I was mesmerized and I have followed you ever since. I think you have the best voice in country music and love what you've done both w/ the Mav's & solo. Keep up the wonderfulness of you!
by Mary

Birchmere Please - 2009-08-26
Querido Raul, I've been checking the schedule for the Birchmere club in Alexandia, virginia but have not found a date listed for you yet. My husband and I have been going to see your christmas show there every year.We are true fans and just love everything you do though I must admit my Latina soul is partial yoto your Spanish side. Please come back to the area soon!!! I need my Raul fix!!!!
by claudia Tschabold

AUSTIN - 2009-08-26

HELLO OUR FRIEND - 2009-08-19

Back to Vegas - 2009-08-19
Please come back to Las Vegas! Your show last year was fantastic.
by Linda D'Agostino

mrs - 2009-08-19
please come to tour in england we love you here and miss your splendid voice live. any where in england will do but the north east will be best as i live there.
by mikki

My Favor Artist Love You. - 2009-08-19
I've seen you twice and loved every minute. (plan to see you again soon)Don't understand why people make comments about the Maverick Years. That was your beginning. I really loved the Maverick (Still do) I have every Maverick CD made. Also love every thing you've done after the Maverick. Have all your CDs. The Lucky One another great one especially likt Crying for you, One More Angel, and Rosalie. Thanks for the Music Keep it up. Love You Peter
by Peter Faulkner

what a voice! - 2009-08-19
Hi Raul, I would just like to say that I have enjoyed your music for so many years. I first heard you perform on CMT Europe and nearly fell off a ladder trying to find out who had such a beautiful voice. I saw you a number of times in Scotland with the Mavericks, but my most memorable time was a solo performance at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh. When you sang an Everly Brothers track I had tears rolling down my face, you melted my heart! Long may you continue to provide us all with the joy of listening to you sing, definately a gift from heaven!
by Liz Glen

Introduced to Your Music In San Diego - 2009-08-19
Dear Raul, I was introduced to your music for the first time by accompanying my boyfriend, Brad, to see you perform at the Belly Up in San Diego. I fell in love with your music and play your CD's everyday in my car! Would love to see you return to San Diego very soon! Your newest fan, Wanda Gilbert
by Wanda Gilbert

Raul - 2009-08-13
I have been a fan for at least 10 years....don't lose the performance dignity that you possess. I got to see you in Minneapolis this spring at the Cabooz.
by Larry Zimmerman

joy - 2009-08-13
Love the fact you are happy and home...we miss you and our heartssoar like the eagles when you sing to us...thank you..enjoy and relax..Peace and Love,
by Lori and Dan

Mavericks - 2009-08-13
Hey, I love you Raul. You're going to be playing at a concert in Canada in August. I am your biggest fan and likely the reason you were selected. I'm sure you hate being asked about the mavericks all the time, but I loved the music (still listen to it and dance around like a Banshee when I hear it). So I will ask the evil questions...when you perform live, do you play Mavericks songs? Need to know. Regards...Oh, what a thrill. Please don't bring me down!!
by sandy

Please release Acoustic versions - 2009-08-13
My thanks to NPR for introducing you to me. Where have I been? I am really taken with the versions of your songs that you did on the show- especially Lucky One, which IMO was by far much much better than the version on your CD (yes I ran out and bought it right away)- slower, sexier and more latino with the trumpet. Your voice is so wonderful- the full production does not do it justice. Please release the "unplugged" version.
by Leslie

8.13.2009 - 2009-08-13
You write well and I was your captured audience starting at the part you said,"I stayed back like the kid that cant go and play because he has to do homework." You come across as a hard working man with your priorities in order. . . but, I don't really know you, do I? :) I hope you get to be with your family more often because that's what it's really all about. Peace, Kat
by katrina

amazing acoustic!!! - 2009-08-13
Saw you last night at Hughs room,Toronto. You were absolutely fantastic. This was the 3rd time I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in person, and as always, I came away from the show on a musical high. Just you, your perfect guitar, a very quaint atmosphere made for a perfect night. Please come back to Toronto soon,visit with the lovely Lindy and share some of your amazing talent with us.Thank you so much for a memorable performance and an up close and personal visit.
by Beverly

Concert at Gruene Hall 6-6-09 - 2009-08-11
Saturday night in Gruene was an amazing evening! You and your band were rockin'! thank you for giving me a great birthday! enjoy your time off. you're right - there's nothing like watching your son play baseball. it's the best! take care and hope to see you at acl! xo!
by laura

We Just Love You - 2009-08-11
I have been a fan of yours for years and years. I introduced you to my daughter on a road trip a month or so ago, and when I saw you were going to be at Gruene Hall this past weekend, asked her and one of her friends to come along. We all loved it!!! She and I especially swoon over the latin stuff... both of us get goose bumps when we hear those songs. She LOVES mariachis. At your "break" before the encore on Friday night, she tried to get up to the stage to request (what she calls) Volaire.... she screamed it out a couple of times, but as you were coming back out, she turned around and came back and said, I just think they already know what they are going to play. But guess what.... that is the exact song you guys played!!! It was so special and makes me "tear up" thinking about it. I know it is hard for you to tour so much, but please do. Everyone can see how much joy you get out of it... and I have never been so happy to stand up while waiting and be sweating and swaying together in unison with a crowd of people who were obviously having the time of their lives. Thank you so much!!!!
by Vicki Baldwin

Gruene, Texas - 2009-08-11
I just wanted you to know how incredible you sounded this weekend. It was great seeing you in Gruene again. I hope to see you on the Delbert cruise in January. You are our favorite entertainer.
by Jerry & Lisa Pullen

Never Change - 2009-08-11
Raul Malo you crack me up!!!! You just never change. Hope all is well. Always remember me as I will remember you!
by Nancy Mardin

thanks for insight to your life - 2009-08-11
I am a 63 year old avid fan of your music for the past five years....I first saw you at Stubbs- aboslutely magical night for me..and I have seen you four times in the last seven months (both Antone's Christmas shows, Waterloo CD release and Gruene Hall) and really appreciate your honest comments regarding enjoying your life (touring, music) yet missing your life (family, children, baseball games) at the same time...and comparing your life to soldiers etc.....thanks again for taking the time to share....and for your wonderful music that takes me away from my petty life problems from time to time....I too am the lucky one for having the great fortune of overhearing a friend play your music.
by Jean Cook

- 2009-08-11
Hi there its great to hear you are still making great music in Australia we dont get to hear your music much anymore but i still get the cd's, God bless ebay thank you for the music and your comment's on life are a great deal better than many stars Bless you
by Michelle abbott

a note of thanks - 2009-08-11
Raul, I discovered your music as I was searching for a rendition of "Man Without Love" by the late Sergio Franchi. Came across your version on Youtube and was floored by your performance. Spent the next few hours listening to your stuff on Youtube and I can only say that you have not only a hauntingly beautiful voice but an honesty in your performance which really connects with the audience. So glad to have discovered your talent. I'm hoping your tour will soon bring you back to Toronto, so I can attend one of your concerts. In the meantime, best of luck to you and thanks for all the great music. You're an original! Renato Zoppi
by Renato Zoppi

mactAntanny - 2009-08-11
Thanks much for post. It is very imformative stuff. I love to browse www.raulmalo.com.
by mactAntanny

Chapel Hill - 2009-08-11
This couldn't have been Chapel Hill, N.C. because I would have been there. Please tell me this was in California.LOL
by Linda Watkins

Happy Birthday, Raul - 2009-08-11
Best wishes on your birthday. Saw you last year on the Rockin the River Cruise. Sorry I missed you last week at Madison Square Park. Come back to the NYC area soon. Your music is great!
by Chuck

anti aging - 2009-08-11
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by anti aging

Folk Festival Under The Stars - 2009-08-11
My brother and I came to see you at the Edmonton Folk Festival (Canada) to see you. What an absolutely beautiful evening! It was so fitting to take place under the stars and moonlight and amongst the hillside candles - pure perfection! Even being near the top of the hill, we were entirely a part of the love-in that took place that night. Absolutely phenomenal music, phenomenal songwriting, outstanding execution.. suffice it to say, we loved your set! The obvious joy you have following your passion is inspiring and your smile infectious. I came away from that night with a lighter, joyful heart, and a reignited passion for life within that has been all but lost following devastating loss earlier this year. Thank you for the reminders of the moments of bliss life has yet to offer, and thank you for sharing your passion with us on this special, unforgettable night.
by Heather

Night in Pittsburgh - 2009-08-07
THe concert in pittsburgh was great. Third time 4 me and it was the best regardless of thge ear issue. So much fun. Can't wait for more.
by wendy turak

home - 2009-08-07
there's no place like home and the simple everyday life..it's what keeps us all grounded.
by lana

I am in love - 2009-08-07
Saw you for the second time in my life in sellersvill pa, actually the ticket was a gift from son who bartered a week end of coverage for another medical resident.. things those boys will do for their mom!! hope you come to atlantic city nj in 2010!!!
by rosemarie bogdan

Mrs - 2009-08-07
When are you coming to England to tour again ?
by Liz Chester

NYC Rain Date - 2009-08-07
DO SORRY I missed your rain-shortened gig in Madison Square Park. I really was about to go and then the skies opened up and it just looked impossible. I see ALL of your shows in NYC and surrounding areas (including the river cruise). You're the best! Can we get a rain date???
by Danielle

Florida ? - 2009-08-07
Have you forgotten this great state? Would love to see you live 1 day ! By the way, Lucky One is far and away your best....so far.
by Jeff

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 2009-08-07

Ram's Head Live - 2009-08-07
You really need to come back to Ram's Head Live in Baltimore - even tho that place is bigger then the one in Annapolis it's easier to see you guys and it feels more personal - but that's just my opinion! Thanks.
by Sandy

Title? of a comment? - 2009-07-30
Raul, About a year ago my wife and I drove over the Sierra from Folsom, CA to see you at a great little outdoor amphitheater in South Reno. Fantastic. Christi skipped down to lower seats and rocked out. We had picked a random hotel that seemed nearby. The next morning we say you guys at breakfast. I didn't want to intrude, but as you passed by I said "Awesome show last night guys. All of you." It wasn't so much 'to mee" you as it was really to convey a heartelt compliment. This year we heard you would be at the Nugget in Reno/Sparks. Had great seats and again I was mesmerized. Yeah, by you, but also your great band you've put together. Esp. the horn guys. Keep doing what you're doing and experimenting with your dreams. I'm an architect and pushed it a little too far on part of one of my buildings. My friend asked me why I did that? I said,"To make people ask questions." He didn't get it but it one was one of the best days of my career. Keep out there on the edge, but remember I am really a country guy so do some of that every now and then. Some of your songs just put me into another place. ("Crying") Thank you, thank you, Mike
by Mike Gilbert

Journal - 2009-07-30
You're a beautiful trip.
by Pam (sunny)

- 2009-07-30
I couldn't find an e-mail address to contact you so will use this. PLEASE come to The Ram's Head in Annapolis again. You've been a XMas present for the past several years and I look forward to seeing you. Maybe this time, I'll get a seat close to the stage! Christmas show
by Ellen DeChant

Thanks for the music - 2009-07-30
Mr. Malo, I just bought the disk your tour was promoting. What a splendid piece of work. People just dont write such sweet well orchestrated melodies anymore. Nor do many artists take the time to deliver their vocals with such precision and style. Like all jobs, even the ones we love, there are trying times like you describe in your journal entry here. So when you are feeling tired or angry, I want you to know that there is a guy in Pittsburgh who put your disk into his car system on the way home from a day just like you had when you were interviewed. By the time I got home, my bad day was over; replaced by the joy you personally gave me. Hang in there music man, because there's folks like me out here whose life you make better every day by creating such beautiful music. God bless.
by Dave Somers

Thanks for the music - 2009-07-30
Mr. Malo, I just bought the disk your tour was promoting. What a splendid piece of work. People just dont write such sweet well orchestrated melodies anymore. Nor do many artists take the time to deliver their vocals with such precision and style. Like all jobs, even the ones we love, there are trying times like you describe in your journal entry here. So when you are feeling tired or angry, I want you to know that there is a guy in Pittsburgh who put your disk into his car system on the way home from a day just like you had when you were interviewed. By the time I got home, my bad day was over; replaced by the joy you personally gave me. Hang in there music man, because there's folks like me out here whose life you make better every day by creating such beautiful music. God bless.
by Dave Somers

Enjoy Your Music - 2009-07-30
Hello Raul, I'm a Fan from North-Central Kansas. Osborne Kansas.I write lyrics would you be interested in looking at them? Take care, Michael
by Michael J. Bristol

The Mavericks - 2009-07-30
Oh Lordy, will it ever end about you being a Maverick! Time to move on and get a new life, and you did it. You are so funny, and a really good writer, how about a book of your life, That would be interesting. Keep a journal Raul it helps when you decide to write that book. Love your music so much..
by Amelia Olmsted

Lucky You - 2009-07-30
And you've been blessed with one of greatest voices in any genre. But, understand the hardest thing is to be away from the ones you love.
by Bill Dachowski

HEARTFELT - 2009-07-30
Raul your concert at Gruene Hall was such great fun! Thank you for the music (yikes/yum/wow - it's teriffic!) and photo you took with me and my daughter Wendy. She knows some of your people and is married to Jerry Abrams (Burleson,TX) a great bass player! When you coming to Seattle my friend?! Hang in there with the rigors of touring - glad you enjoy some good/nice things along the way. You deserve it!
by Sheila

gruene hall - 2009-07-30
got a chance to see you in concert for the first time. it was fantastic every one was on their feet. I have since turned on my friends to your great sound. Will see you again in Austin next trip...oh yea i agree, nothing like watching your kids play ball
by hal donnelly

Location,location,location. - 2009-07-30
Hey Raul, I don't know if you have ever been to Kansas City, but things are looking up here with the addition of the Downtown Power & Light District. Lots of venues to play now. What I am tryin to say is, when are you fixin to come this way? I have been turning people on to your music and now they would like to see you in person. I would too dadgummit! Yeah, I am a transplanted Texan(San Antone). Plenty of music and good 'que, though not as good as Texas. Come on up, anytime. A fan since '92.
by Mike Obenshain

Your honesty is just what we need right now - 2009-07-30
Hi Raul, You are a good person to take the time to inform your fans. I have been one for many years and love your new music. I will be in Tarrytown this Sunday to hear you. Got a good seat in the 3rd row!
by Nancy

Thanks! - 2009-07-30
Raul, Saw your weather aborted show in NYC last night. Great set albeit way too short! On another topic, I have been wracking my brain over something. Did you appear on a 9/11 benefit on TV performing a beautiful slowed down rendition of New York, New York? Or am I making this up? Would appreciate a reply back to put my mind at ease!
by Alan

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