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January 21, 2010
New Year

   Alright, I know...I haven't written here in a while, my bad. Although I really have not had much to say. I hope everyone had a great holiday and are now ready to face the challenges of the new year. My year has started off, as it has for the previous three with the Delbert Mcclinton cruise. And what a way to start. It's really kind of indescribable, and quite honestly the last place I thought I would ever enjoy myself. (The thought of being "couped" up on a ship for a week never really appealed to me). However, after my first one, four years ago, I never want to miss another one. As long as they keep asking me back I will be there. It really is that much fun. You have to love a place where music rules. It is everywhere and at all times. Sometimes the best moments were impromptu sessions at the piano bar with drinks in hand and songs on the lips and no restaurant manager to shut you down!

   I have been looking forward to that cruise for some time now. I have been working really hard on not one but two records simultaneously. One is a record of my own compositions (with a couple of surprises in there). And another is a record of some of my favorite spanish songs that I grew up listening to. I have been making these in my home studio which not only affords a lot of freedom to work but also creates new challenges. ( I don't exactly live alone...three kids, wife, two dogs, two cats, an adopted raccoon that eats our dog food...you get the picture). Anyways, these records have taken a lot out of me, more than any others in the past. Hopefully, that personal feeling will come through in the end. One of the songs, "Sinners and Saints" was featured in the PBS film "Tex Mex Extravaganza" which will air nationally in March sometime. (I will let you know). I will be putting on the finishing touches on these records in the next month as i head down to Texas to record with my friends Auggie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez from the Texas Tornadoes. Some songs will also feature my friends "The Trishas" and their angelic, but oh so sexy voices.

  After that I will head out to California, and do a series of acoustic shows. I haven't done these in a while so I am looking forward to that. I really enjoy doing those for several reasons. For one, it sort of forces you to really entertain a crowd. No gimmicks, no loud band, nothing. Just you and your guitar!  Of course, once we get closer to the release of the record we will be out with the band showcasing the new material.

  Right now, I am in the UK about to embark on a short tour. I am also going to sing with the BBC orchestra on friday night as part of their "friday night" concert series. Man I can't wait for that. I have done shows with orchestras before and have really enjoyed the experience. There is nothing like the sound of a full orchestra playing your music.

  2010 is starting to look like it is going to be a busy year for me. Of course, I wish nothing but the best for everyone in this new year. Unfortunately, for Haiti things have not started out well. There are various organizations that you can donate "help" to. (Red Cross, Unicef) just to name a few. Give what you can as they really need it. I remember one night on the cruise I had turned in early. (I know, what a shock!) I ordered some room service and they got my order all wrong. I was just about to do my diva dance when I turned on CNN and saw what had happened in Haiti. You talk about a change in direction! I never even ate my food, nor complained to anyone about anything for the rest of the trip. Pretty hard to complain about being on a luxury ship that is sailing you around with your friends while a nation has been utterly devastated. And a nation that doesn't have much to begin with. So, no matter how "poor" we think we are, or how "bad" our economy is, we are still better off than most aren't we? Ahhh...perspective! It's a good thing!

                                                                                          Peace and Love





I remember when - 2010-07-22
Way back when I first sent an add as friend request to your everyday normal everyman myspace page. You even replied to my e-mail and posted a comment or two on my profile. At the time I just knew that you had great musical talent...it wasn''t until recently that I added it up and realized you were lead singer for the Mavericks...you are still an amazing talent, your music moves me...and there is something about your eyes that makes my heart give a little flutter. I wish you great success. I miss the common man and instant access that the old myspace provided. Fly to the moon! Reach for the Stars...
by Charlotte

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