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June 04, 2012
Starts With A Song

It has been a long while since I’ve been on here like this I admit. I must say my life has taken some seriously crazy turns since I was last on here. I was, in more ways than one (or at least I thought I was) done with Nashville. And consequently Nashville was done with me. Another music city has-been expelled to the warmth of the Texas sun. It’s a very familiar story, really. I had sold my house and was actively looking for an apartment in Austin, TX. The plan was for me to move there first and then bring the family. It was a done deal. Then the Mavericks happened.

There are many details as to how this all went down. And for sure there will be more qualified people to document this somewhere down the line. But for now I’ll give you my version before life re-boots my hard drive.

It started with a song. Funny that. Somehow it always starts with a song. About a year or so ago (I’m like a dog with time perception: I have none), my friends Seth Walker and Gary Nicholson had this piece of music that I just fell in love with. Fortunately for me and for the rest of this story they had not finished it yet. Sometimes that happens. I was at the right place at the right time. I helped them finish this little gem of a song titled “Back In Your Arms Again.” Sounded an awful lot like a “Mavericks” type of song. I could hear the horns, the groove… the whole thing. Seth and I continued to write as we toured all over the states. “As Long as There’s Loving Tonight” was another one that came about from our collaborating. Well… there are two (songs), at least.

Now let me say this… as much as I dismissed people all over the world telling me how much they missed the Mavericks and so on and so forth, after a while I think those sentiments became my own. Or maybe they were always there and it took everybody driving me crazy to ultimately cave to the pressure. I must admit, and those that know me will attest, that when it comes to music I normally don’t give in. So… great. Here’s to my personal and emotional development as an adult.

The next thing that happened was on the business side. My managers called me and said, “We need to talk”. Ok. They told me about these offers that the Mavericks were getting from promoters. Hmmm…go on…I’ve been around long enough to know that when money starts being thrown around by the business community it’s because they know something is up. Business (including the music business) does not make a move without thinking this through and knowing that there is a pot of gold on the other side. Business doesn’t make a move on sentiments and emotional attachments. This had to be real. I told them (managers) to keep me posted. In the meantime I kept on touring with Michael (Guerra) and Robbie (Willard), which consequently allowed this “Mavericks” thing to gain momentum. And boy did it.

Once I knew everyone was on board, including our old friend Jerry Dale McFadden, I knew this was serious. However, I was still a bit unsure. We could easily have done a simple “reunion” tour, played the hits, worked up a couple of covers, and cashed in. Somehow that didn’t feel right.

The Mavericks were always special to me and this time around we were going to do things right. We’ve never been about the money. And it’s too damn late in the game to do it for those reasons alone. A new Mavericks’ record would be just the thing. Who would want one? What would be the best home for a Mavericks record? There was only one answer for me and that was at Big Machine.

I have been friends with Allison Jones and Scott Borchetta for many years. (She is the head of A&R for the label). Scott Borchetta (president of the label) was the man responsible for the Mavericks getting on country radio during the MCA years. Scott was head of promotions for MCA when the Mavericks were signed there. I thought if I could somehow convince them that the Mavericks were going to tour, we should make a record for Big Machine. So as most business meetings happen, we went to lunch and I asked Allison if a Mavericks record was something they’d be interested in. She immediately texted Scott and his reply was “Hell Yeah.” I’ll never forget it. At that moment I knew this was going to be something special.

So here we are: Record finished. Video shot. Single on the radio. EP available on iTunes. Album to be released in September. CMA week in Nashville. LP Field concert on Sunday. Radio tours. Festivals. Concerts. European dates. Canadian dates.

Just like that!!


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