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February 29, 2012
What We Learned from The Mavericks at CRS
The Mavericks will have the hottest comeback of 2012. Maybe not the hottest sales-wise. But there was no performance all week more fiery than the one by the Mavericks, reunited for the first time since 2003, in one of those hell-freezes-over reconciliations. Their show at the Mercy Lounge was for CRS attendees only, even though everyone in the alt-country world in Nashville was desperate to get in. Though Americana might seem like their most natural format at this point, it was clear that this is a passion project for the mogul who signed them -- Big Machine big guy Scott Borchetta, who used to work with them in their MCA days. It's clear that Borchetta wants their projected summer release to work at mainstream country radio. And since all the radio-voted CRS awards for label promotion guys went to Big Machine's execs, they are the guys to reestablish the Mavericks in the country firmament, if anyone can.